"South East Asia Veterinary School Association"

SEAVSA - "South East Asia Veterinary School Association"


about SEAVSA

South East Asia Veterinary School Association (SEAVSA) is a network of veterinary faculty in South East Asia as a participating member.

The general objective of the Association is in the advancement of education, research and professional services in veterinary science. The purpose is exclusively education and scientific, never to include any political matters.

In order to achieve the objective, the Association shall carry out the following activities.

  1. Promotion of cooperation of all participating institution through solidarity among academician, professional, administrators and students.
  2. Development of academic and human resource.
  3. Exchange of academician, researchers, administrative staff and students.
  4. Promotion of collaborative research, joint lectures and symposia, and any other activity of mutual interest.
  5. Promotion and exchange of information and materials toward teaching, research and professional services.
  6. Sharing of expertise and facilities.
  7. Accreditation and recognition of veterinary faculty, curriculum and veterinary teaching hospital.