"South East Asia Veterinary School Association"

SEAVSA - "South East Asia Veterinary School Association"

Joint Meeting 2013

Joint OIE-SEAVSA Meeting

The 3rd OIE Sub-Regional Workshop on Veterinary Education in South-East Asia and The 4th SEAVSA Meeting

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The OIE recognises the critical role of veterinarians in assuring the health, well-being, and productivity of animals, particularly where these intersect with those in humans and the ecosystems. As such, OIE has been actively advocating and promoting the advancement and strengthening of National Veterinary Services along the Performance Veterinary Services (PVS) Pathway.  As providers of the foundation in the formation of competent veterinary graduates, OIE also acknowledges the significant fundamental role and contribution of Veterinary Education Establishments (VEE) in the building up of quality National Veterinary Services among its member countries. MORE…

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