"South East Asia Veterinary School Association"

SEAVSA - "South East Asia Veterinary School Association"


Bylaws of South East Asia Veterinary School Association (SEAVSA):






Section 1: Name

The Association shall be named South East Asia Veterinary School Association, a network of veterinary faculty in South East Asia as a participating member. The official abbreviation of the Association is SEAVSA.

Section 2: Registered Office

The Association shall maintain a registered office at the faculty of the appointed President.



Section 1: General Objective

The general objective of the Association is in the advancement of education, research and professional services in veterinary science.  The purpose is exclusively education and scientific, never to include any political matters.

Section 2: Activities

In order to achieve the objective, the Association shall carry out the following activities.

1. Promotion of cooperation of all participating institution through solidarity among academician, professional, administrators and students.

2. Development of academic and human resource.

3. Exchange of academician, researchers, administrative staff and students.

4. Promotion of collaborative research, joint lectures and symposia, and any other activity of mutual interest.

5. Promotion and exchange of information and materials toward teaching, research and professional services.

6. Sharing of expertise and facilities.

7. Accreditation and recognition of veterinary faculty, curriculum and veterinary teaching hospital.



Section 1: Ordinary Member

The Ordinary Member of the Association is the institutions of veterinary medicine

(University, Faculty, Colleges, Department or equivalent) in South East Asia.

Section 2: Application

Application to be a member of the Association must be endorsed by at least two (2) ordinary member institutions and approved by the Executive Committee.

Section 3: Fiscal Year

The membership year is the fiscal year of January 1 to December 31.

Section 4: Membership Fee

The ordinary member should pay US$ 100.00 as an annual membership fee and should be paid to the Treasurer by January 15 each year.

Section 5: Associate Member

Veterinary faculty outside South East Asia may apply as Associate Member supported by 2

Ordinary Members and an annual membership fee of US$ 100.00. The Associate Member may attend the general assembly but do not have a voting right.



Section 1: Representation

The Association shall be represented by the General Assembly and the Executive Committee.



Section 1: Function

The governing body of the Association shall be the General Assembly.  The General Assembly shall supervise, direct, and control the affairs of the Association, its committees, and publications.  It shall determine its policies and changes therein, actively pursue its objectives and supervise the Association’s budget.

Section 2: Members

Each paying Ordinary and Associate Members institution shall be represented by the head of institution or his named representative and shall be the General Assembly members.

Section 3: Vote

The institutional member(s) of each country shall have a single vote (“one country, one vote” principle) in all matters to be decided in the Association.

Section 4: Proxy

In the absence of institutional member, the institution may execute his right in writing to the executive committee authorize to suggest or cast his or her vote on any matter to be decided.

Section 5: Quorum

Fifty percent of the Ordinary Members of the General Assembly shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of meeting and its business.

Section 6: Chairman

The presiding officer of the General Assembly shall be the President of the Association or, in his or her absence, the Vice President.

Section 7: Meeting

The General Assembly shall have minimum of one meeting every two years. The special meeting of the Assembly may be called by resolution of the Executive Committee. The Secretary of the Association shall provide each member of the General Assembly written notice at least 14 days before the regular meeting and any other special meetings.

Section 8: Annual General Meeting

The General Assembly shall be held once every 2 years to select the Executive Committee.



Section 1: Function

The Executive Committee shall have the following function:

1. Plan and organize programmes, project and activities of the Association.

2. Coordinate, monitor and evaluate programmes, project and activities of the Association.

3. Sourcing and generating funds for the operation of the Association.

4. Asses and review accomplishment of the Association.

Section 2: Officers

The Executive Committee of the Association shall have one President, Former President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasure and Committee Members each representing one country members.

Section 3: President

The President shall be appointed for duration of 2 years by the General Assembly.

Section 4: Vice President

The Vice President shall be appointed for duration of 2 years by the General Assembly.

Section 5: Secretary

The Secretary shall be appointed for duration of 2 years by the General Assembly.

Section 6: Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be appointed for duration of 2 years by the General Assembly.

Section 7: Committee Members

The Committee Members each representing a member country shall be recommended by each member country.

Section 8: Quorum

Fifty percent of the Committee Members shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of meeting and its business.

Section 9: Meeting

The Executive Committee meeting shall be held before each General Assembly meeting. Other meeting may be called by the President or if requested by any Executive Committee members. The Executive Committee may also meet by E-mail or Video Conference.



Section 1: Working Committee

Working Committee shall be formed by the call of the Executive Committee if needed to handle matters regarding education, research, professional services and other academic collaboration.



Section 1: Amendments

Any Ordinary Members may propose an amendment to this constitution. The Secretary shall distribute the proposed amendment to all General Assembly members 14 days before the General Assembly meeting. The amendment shall be adopted if approved by at least two- third of the General Assembly members present. An amendment to this constitution becomes effective immediately upon approval unless otherwise provided by its term.


The constitution is amended and approved by the General Assembly on 7 December 2021 in the virtual OIE-SEAVSA Meeting of VEEs in South-East Asia