"South East Asia Veterinary School Association"

SEAVSA - "South East Asia Veterinary School Association"


 logo SEAVSA1

Creator : Danang Dwi Cahyadi, DVM
University : Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), INDONESIA (graduated 2013)
Phone : +628 561 892 996
Design Software : Corel Draw X.4 version
Website : My website


The Meaning of SEAVSA Logo:

  1. The purple writing “SEAVSA” implies that SEAVSA is not separated from the veterinary profession. Purple is a blend of two colors, which are red (warm color) and blue (cool meaning). Purple has a luxury image, spirituality, and ambition.
  2. The “V” shape and a snake encircling a stick as a symbol of veterinary medicine implies the greatness of veterinary profession.
  3. Red chain that encircled the golden book means that SEAVSA as a powerful institution in upholding the science. The 17 pieces of circular chain and 2 sheets of the book interpreted by declaration of South East Asia Veterinary School Association (SEAVSA) on February 17, 2010.
  4. Brown circle on the back means a strength, dynamic, and unity. SEAVSA is a unity of the dynamic ASEAN Veterinary School.
  5. A symbol of ASEAN with red-yellow gradation is perspective looking out of the circle means continued to flare like fire, and global perspective, so SEAVSA will continue to grow in line with global developments.